Brass Compression Adaptor With Tapered Thread

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Brass Compression Adaptor With Tapered Thread

Brass Compression Adaptor With Tapered Thread

K. K. International is one of the most trustworthy Brass Compression Adaptor With Tapered Thread Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gujarat, India. We were organized in the year 1981 and through its expert building aptitude, effectively settled itself as an especially dependable maker, exporter, and broker of the scope of Precision Brass fitting Parts.

Features of Brass Compression Adaptor With Tapered Thread:

  • Basic foundation, direct action and bolster free.
  • Air pocket tight fixing, Corrosion Free
  • Indisputably fitting for most mechanical applications.
  • Quarter Turn on-off

Application :

  • Light, Water, Oil & Gas Industries

Compression fittings are renowned considering the way that they needn’t sit around with welding, so they are basically quick and easy to use. They require no exciting mechanical get-togethers or skills to work. They work at higher pounding parts and with harming gases. Compression fittings are especially critical in foundations that may require unpredictable demolishing or midway dispatch for help, etc since these joints can be broken and changed without affecting the customariness of the joint. They are likewise used in conditions where a sparkling source, explicitly a limiting light, is denied, or where it is difficult to shed stays of water from inside the line which keeps the line from getting ready to allow joining.

At, K. K. International, we are made arrangements to satisfy the market needs and update our key position like arising advancement and the changing client basics.



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